Jianzi He

  Assistant Professor

  Email: jianzihe@fudan.edu.cn

  Office: Room 803C, West Sub-building of Guanghua Towers

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Jianzi He is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Global Public Policy, Fudan University. He earned a Ph.D. in Political Science from the Ohio State University in 2021. His substantive research interests include state capacity, intergovernmental relations, political economies of urban development, and policy implementation and diffusion. Methodologically, he is also interested in the applications of GIS, network analysis, and agent-based modeling in social science. His work has been published in the journals such as Economic History of Developing Regions, Critical Policy Studies, and Chinese Public Administration.


Political Economy, Intergovernmental Relations, Public Policy Analysis


  • 2021, PhD. (Political Science), The Ohio State University

  • 2015, M.Phil. (Public Administration), Beijing Institute of Technology

  • 2012, B.A. (Public Administration), Shandong University, Weihai

English Papers:

  • Jianzi He & Kyle Jaros. (2022). The Multilevel Politics of County-to-district Mergers in China. Journal of Contemporary China, DOI: 10.1080/10670564.2022.2116564.

  • Jianzi He (2022). Subnational Territorial Reforms and State Capacity: Evidence from the Developing World. Global Public Policy and Governance, 2(2): 232-251.

  • Vladimir Chlouba & Jianzi He (2021). Colonial Legacy, Private Property, and Rural Development: Evidence from Namibian Countryside. Economic History of Developing Regions. DOI:10.1080/20780389.2020.1858049.

  • Li Ya & Jianzi He. (2016). Exploring Deliberative Policy Analysis in an Authoritarian Country. Critical Policy Studies, 10(2): 235-246.

Chinese Papers:

  • Jianzi He. (2022). What Have We Learned about the Impacts of Administrative Division Adjustment from Two Decades of Empirical Research. Journal of Public Administration, 15(4), 175-194.

  • Ya Li, Xu Yin, Jianzi He. (2015). Discourse Analysis for Policy Inquiry: A Methodological Orientation. Journal of Public Administration, (5): 55-73.

  • Jianzi He & Ya Li. (2014). From Arbiters to Facilitators: The Role Transition of Policy Analysts through the Lens of Conflict Resolution. Journal of Guangdong Institute of Public Administration, 26(4): 5-11.

  • Ya Li & Jianzi He. (2014). Deliberative Policy Analysis and a Localized Model in China. Public Administration and Policy Review, 3(2): 4-13.

  • Jianzi He & Ya Li. (2014). The “Second Revolution” in Policy Science: The Rise and Evolution of Post-positivist Policy Analysis. Chinese Public Administration, (2): 95-101.

  • Research Associate, Laboratory for Deliberative Policy Analysis (LDPA)/ Center for Research on Public Dispute Resolution (CRPDR), Beihang University

Academic Awards

  • 2020, Humane Studies Fellowship, Institute for Humane Studies

  • 2019, Alumni Grants for Graduate Research and Scholarship, The Ohio State University