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Feng Chen received his bachelor's and master's degree in International politics from Fudan University, as well as a doctorate in Political Science from the Maxwell School of Public Affairs of Syracuse University. From 1997 to 2020, he worked at Hong Kong Baptist University. He was the director of the degree program of Chinese Studies and the postgraduate coordinator of the Academy of Social Sciences. From 2010 to 2013, he served as Oriental Scholar at East China University of Political Science and Law. His research interests include Comparative Politics, Labor Politics, Labor Movement and Grassroots Governance. He has published English monographs, and published papers in more than ten famous international academic journals and top domestic journals. The latest Chinese monograph is published by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Press. Won the Gordon White Best Paper Award in The China Quarterly (2003), the first prize of the Chinese Sociology Annual Conference (2011), and the Humanities and Social Science Distinguished Scholar Award from the Research Grants Committee of the University of Hong Kong (2015). He has been awarded the Good Matching Research Fund (GRF) of the Hong Kong Research Grants Council six times.


Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Chinese Politics, Political Transition, Labor Politics in China


  • 1986-1992, Master and Ph.D. in Political Science, Maxwell School of Public Affairs, Syracuse University, USA

  • 1979-1986, Bachelor and Master of School of International Politics (Now renamed as School of International Relations & Public Affairs), Fudan University

Academic Papers:


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In Chinese

  • Chen, Feng. (2009). The Formation of Countries, System and the Working Class: A Review of Western Literature and Its Significance for the Study of Chinese Labor Issues. Sociological Studies. (《社会学研究》)

Books and Journal Special Issues

  • Chen, Feng. 2020. The Country and Labor in Contemporary China: Systems, Conflicts and Changes. The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press.

  • Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship, Research Grants Council, 2015.

  • Gordon White, The China Quarterly, 2003.