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Evan Berman 是 IGPP 的兼职讲座教授,也是公共绩效和管理、比较公共管理和公共人力资源管理领域的国际知名教授。他在亚太地区工作了 15 年,在乔治华盛顿大学(美国)获得了博士学位,并于 2020 年加入 Fundação Getúlio Vargas大学(巴西圣保罗)。 Evan 是主要研究奖项的获得者,包括 Fred Riggs在国际和比较公共管理方面的终身职业成就奖和杰出研究奖,由美国公共管理学会 (ASPA) 和公共政策、事务和全球公共管理院校联盟(NASPAA) 联合颁发。作为一名富有创造力的头脑和勤奋好学的领导者,他目前的研究兴趣集中在国家政府的战略管理、增加创新传播的国际实践以及加强公共部门员工的应变能力。他在公共管理领域的所有领先国际期刊上发表了多篇文章,出版了 15 本书,并且是领先教科书“公共服务中的人力资源管理”(Sage 2021,第 7 版)的合著者。他曾与政府部委和机构合作,并就任于多个期刊编辑委员会或担任期刊编辑。


公开绩效、比较公共管理、公共领导和人力资源管理、 国家政府的战略管理、创新(所有政策领域)



Academic Papers

  • G. Plimmer, E. Berman S. Malinen et al. (2021). Resilience in Public Sector Managers. Review of Public Personnel Administration, (early view January 2021) https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0734371X20985105

  • Wang, X.-H., E. Berman, D.-Y. Chen and J.-X. Xu. (2021). Shaping Pro-Environmental Attitudes among Public Service Trainees: An Experimental Study.  Environmental Education Research, 27(2): 295-311. DOI: 10.1080/13504622.2020.1822295.

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  • Vu, T.-A., G. Plimmer, E. Berman, and M. Sabharwal. (2019). Managing Employee Performance in Transition Economies: A study of Vietnamese Public Organizations, Public Administration and Development, 39: 89–103.

  • Wang, X., E. Berman, D-Y. Chen and X. Niu. (2019). Strategies to Improve Environmental Networks for Pollution Control: Evidence from Eco-compensation Programs in China. Journal of Environmental Management, 234(15 March): 387-395.

  • Berman, E., D-Y. Chen, X. Wang and I. Liu (2017). Executive Entrepreneurship in National Departments, Administration & Society, 51(6) 855–884.

  • Wang, X-H., Chen, K., and E. Berman. (2016) Building Network Implementation Capacity: Evidence from China. International Public Management Journal, 19(2): 264-291.

  • Berman, E. (2015). HRM in Development: Lessons and Frontiers. Public Administration and Development, 35(2):113-127.

  • Berman, E. and C.-G. Kim. (2010). Creativity Management in Public Organizations: Jump- Starting Innovation (in Seoul).  Public Performance & Management Review, 33(4): 619-652.

  • Berman, E. (1997). Dealing with Cynical Citizens, Public Administration Review, 57(2):105-112.

Books and Journal Special Issues

  • Berman, E. and I. Hijal-Moghrabi (2022). Performance and Innovation in the Public Sector (New York: Taylor & Francis/Routledge). 3rd edition, forthcoming.

  • Berman, E., J. Bowman, J. West and M. Van Wart. (2021). Human Resource Management in Public Service: Paradoxes, Problems and Processes. (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications), 7th edition, in press.

  • Berman, E. and E. Prasojo, eds. (2018). Leadership and Public Sector Reform in Asian Countries. (Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishers).

  • Berman, E. and X. Wang. (2017). Essential Statistics for Public Managers and Policy Analysts. (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage/CQ Press). 4rd edition.

  • Berman, E., ed. (2011). Public Administration in Southeast Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, The Philippines and Macau. (New York: CRC Press /Taylor & Francis), 650 pp.

  • Berman, E., J. Moon and H. Choi, eds. (2010). Public Administration in East Asia: Mainland China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. (New York: CRC Press /Taylor & Francis, 580 pp.

  • Berman, E. and J. Rabin, eds. (2007). Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy. (New York: Taylor & Francis). 2nd edition.  (3 volumes).

Other Research Publications

  • E. Berman. (2021). Sustaining Performance in the Public Sector: What is needed from public managers. In: M. Holzer et al (eds).  Public Productivity and Performance Handbook. Routledge, forthcoming.

  • Berman, E. and D-Y Chen (2021). Exploring Big Comparative Questions in Public Administration. In: E. Vigoda et al. Research Methods in Public Administration, Management and Policy: Breaking New Frontiers. Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming.

  • Gomes. R and E. Berman. (2020). Senior Managers in National Strategic Planning and Management. In: H. Dickenson ed. Handbook of the Public Servant. Palgrave, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-03008-7_98-1.

  • Berman, E. (2018). Rethinking Democracy: Reforming Appointee-Executive Relations. PA Times, March 30. https://patimes.org/rethinking-democracy-reforming-appointee-executive-relations/ (Spring 2018 PA Times edition, pp.23-24) H. George Frederickson Award, 2019

  • Rennie, C. and E. Berman. (2018). Leadership and Public Sector Reform in New Zealand. In: E. Berman (ed.)Leadership and Public Sector Reform in Asian Countries. (Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishers), pp.255-284.

  • Allen B, E. Berman, Cantal C, Eppel E, Jackson B, Lofgren K, Macauley M, Plimmer G. (2017). Independent Review of the Performance Improvement Framework – Main Report and Key Messages 02 Oct 2017. Victoria School of Government, Wellington, New Zealand. Available at: http://www.ssc.govt.nz/performance-improvement-framework

  • Granvorka, C., E. Strobl, L. Walling and E. Berman. (2016). Environmental Risk Management in the Caribbean. In: Minto-Coy, I. and E. Berman, eds. (2016). Public Administration and Policy in the Caribbean. (New York: Taylor & Francis), pp. 311-356 (chapter 14)

  • E-H. Klijn, V. Sierra, T. Ysa, E. Berman, J. Edelenbos and D-Y. Chen. (2013). Context in Governance Networks: Complex interactions between macro, meso and micro. A theoretical exploration and some empirical evidence on the impact of context factors. In: C. Pollitt. Context in Public Policy and Management: The Missing Link? (Glos, UK: Edward Elgar), pp.233-257

  • Berman, E. and Yijia Jing (2008). Assessing the State of Public Administration Research in Mainland China: Prospects and Challenges, Chinese Public Administration Review, 5(1/2):1-7

  • Berman, E. (2002). How Useful is Performance Measurement? Public Performance & Management Review, 25(4):348-351 (essay).


  • Governance and Public Policy (Book Series), Emerald Publishers, present

  • ASPA Book Series in Public Administration and Public Policy Taylor & Francis, 2008-2010. Founding Editor.


  • Public Performance & Management Review, present

  • Global Public Policy & Governance, present


  • International Review of Administrative  Sciences

  • Public Administration

  • Public Management Review

  • Public Administration Review

  • Public Performance & Management Review

  • Review of Public Personnel Administration

  • Public Personnel Administration

  • International Journal of Public Administration

  • International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior

  • International Review of Public Administration


  • Past services:

  • Chair,  Marshall Dimock Award (Best PAR Lead Article)

  • International Section, Executive Council.

  • Member, Dwight Waldo Award Committee (Lifetime contribution to scholarship in public administration)

  • Leadership Team

  • ASPA Publications Committee

  • Chair, Section on Public Performance and Management (SPPM)

  • Chair, Section on Personnel Administration and Labor Relations (SPALR)

Academic Awards:

  • Emerald Publications, Literati Award 2019, “Leadership and Public Sector Reform in New Zealand” published in Public Policy and Governance, Outstanding Author Contribution.

  • H. George Fredrickson Award 2019. This award recognizes the Best Article in PA Times “Rethinking Democracy: Reforming Appointee-Executive Relations” (Spring 2018).

  • NASPAA/ASPA Distinguished Research Award, 2017. This award “recognizes an identifiable body of work by an individual that has made substantial impact on the thought and understanding of public administration.” This major research award is jointly presented by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA) and the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). Philippine Society for Public Administration (PSPA), Award of Distinction in Public Administration and Governance, 2017. This award recognizes “accomplishments in advancing the study and practice of public administration in the Philippines and the region.”

  • Outstanding Scholarship Award in Public Sector Human Resources Management from the American Society for Public Administration (Section on Personnel and Labor Relations), 2016 in “recognition of outstanding scholarship in public human resource management throughout a career of research.”

  • Fred Riggs Award for Lifetime Achievement in International and Comparative Public Administration, 2015 (American Society for Public Administration, Section for International and Comparative Public Administration), “in recognition of significant and widely recognized contributions to the conceptual, theoretical or operational development of international and comparative public administration.”   Sage Publications, Cornerstone Author Award 2015 for HRM in Public Service, 5th edition, “recognizing the textbook for its first-rate scholarship, quality writing, and lasting impact as a mainstay of the discipline.”

  • J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, Fulbright Distinguished Scholar Award, Spring/Summer 2008 (Korea, Yonsei University).

  • PA Times, Best Article Award for: E. Berman, T. Lynch, C. Lynch, M. Berman. (2005). “There Was No Plan – A Louisiana Perspective,” PA Times, vol.28, no. 10 (October), pp.3-8.

  • Public Integrity, Best Article Award for: J. West and E. Berman (2004). “Ethics Training Efforts in U.S. Cities: Content and Impact.”  Public Integrity, vol.6, no.3, pp.  189-206. Presented at the annual meeting of the ASPA Section on Ethics in Milwaukee, WI, 2005.

  • Public Administration Review, Editor’s Choice Award, 2002

  • American Society for Public Administration, Section on Personnel and Labor Relations, Best Book Award for “Human Resource Management in Public Service” (Sage, 2001), April 2001.

Teaching Awards:

  • Shanghai Municipal Government, First Class Teaching Award, 2017. “China and Comparative Management,” joint on-line course delivered by VUW and Fudan University (Shanghai).

  • University of Central Florida, College of Health and Public Affairs, Teaching Incentive Award (Excellence in Teaching), 1999.

  • University of Central Florida, College of Health and Public Affairs, Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award (Graduate Teacher of the Year), 1998.

Other Recognition:

  • A “Core Author” in public administration research on Mainland China (one of 29 such authors). In: Zhang, W., Xu, X., Evans, R., & Yang, F. (2017). Towards Internationalization: A Critical Assessment of China’s Public Administration Research in a Global Context 2000–2014. International Public Management Journal, 1-31., Table 12

  • A  Top 100 Scholar with most articles in ISI Web of Science ‘Public Administration’ journals, 1973-2006. In:  Elizabeth A. Corley and Meghna Sabharwal (2010). “Scholarly Collaboration and Productivity Patterns in Public Administration: Analyzing Recent Trends.” Public Administration 88(3):627-648.

  • Second Most Productive Scholar in Public Administration, 1993-2002. Ranking based on publications in ASPA-affiliated journals during ten-year period. In: D. Watson, W. Hassett, and D. Handley. (2005). “The ASPA Journals: Who Is Publishing?,” Journal of Public Administration Education, vol.11, no.1 (January), pp.53-60.