The unprecedented pace of globalization has fostered an inevitable interdependence and shared existence among people worldwide. Living and understanding the essence of human society in the context of globalization has become the norm in our era. Significant changes are taking place in the realms of technological development, knowledge production, and cultural exchange, while the construction of a shared human destiny faces both remarkable opportunities and challenges. The question of how to achieve global good governance in a world without a global government is a pressing challenge that tests human wisdom.

Over the past fifty years, China has re-emerged in the global system, becoming the world’s second-largest economy and largest trading nation. Concurrently, the rise of the Global South and emerging economies has led to the formation of international political and economic governance organizations, such as the BRICS and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. As a result, the power order and knowledge reserves for global governance are quietly shifting. A significant global transformation, unlike any seen in the past century, is on the horizon, and global public policy has changed from a hypothesis to a real necessity.

To comprehensively explore global governance issues and knowledge, the LSE-Fudan Research Centre for Global Public Policy and Fudan Institute for Global Public Policy (IGPP) have jointly launched the second “Global Public Policy” International Summer School. Leveraging Fudan University’s abundant public policy resources and its outstanding global academic network, the International Summer School assembles top-tier faculty from around the world. Centered around the themes of “Global Public Policy” and “China and the World,” the International Summer School offers a range of high-quality courses that reflect cutting-edge practical and theoretical developments in global public policy and governance. This provides an unparalleled opportunity for students worldwide to engage in specialized learning and cultivate global governance talents with solid professional expertise, expansive international perspectives, and exceptional cross-cultural communication and leadership skills.

The International Summer School offers a series of English-taught credit-bearing courses at the undergraduate level, encompassing various theories and methods. Participation of graduate students, young scholars, and high school students is also welcomed. The 2024 curriculum covers global public policy topics related to economic policy, social development, international development, environment, energy and sustainable development, global commons governance, media and communication, global technology governance, comparative public policy, big data methods and ethics. These courses showcase the diverse aspects and rich contents of global public policy from multiple perspectives.

For detailed information about the 2024 International Summer School, please visit its official website: 2024 International Summer School on Global Public Policy. For more information about the LSE-Fudan Research Centre for Global Public Policy and Fudan Institute for Global Public Policy (IGPP), please visit the official website: Fudan Institute for Global Public Policy.

We warmly invite students from around the world to join us at Fudan University in Shanghai, China, in the summer of 2024 for an extraordinary journey into the realm of global public policy.

Program Highlights

By participating in the International Summer School, students can gain solid academic and methodological training while fully experiencing classroom teaching in the context of globalization. The Summer School provides the best opportunities for students to further their studies in related fields and pursue advanced education at top universities in the world.

  • High-caliber faculty: The instructors include renowned scholars from world-class universities such as Fudan University and the London School of Economics and Political Science and leading experts from international organizations such as the World Bank. They possess extensive knowledge and teaching experience in relevant fields.

  • Top-quality courses: Each course is meticulously designed to emphasize interactive teaching and reflect the cutting-edge fields and developments in global public policy. The Summer School provides a completion certificate and official transcript, with each course carrying two credits. Students can apply for credit transfers in accordance with their home institution’s policies. Outstanding participants will receive a certificate of excellence (See the Program Arrangements section for details).

  • International atmosphere: With faculty and students hailing from around the globe, participants will have the opportunity to experience diverse cultural exchanges and engage with various perspectives on Fudan’s campus, fostering long-lasting friendships.

  • Exceptional academic resources: Students will have access to the abundant academic resources and networks of the LSE-Fudan Research Centre for Global Public Policy and Fudan Institute for Global Public Policy (IGPP) throughout their lives.

  • Cultural immersion: Students will delve into the rich cultural heritage of Fudan University and the unique cosmopolitan atmosphere of Shanghai, experiencing China’s latest developments and rhythms firsthand. The program will organize a variety of extracurricular activities, allowing participants to appreciate the allure of Shanghai as an international hub for business, finance, and innovation.