“Global Public Policy and Governance in the Time of Change” Symposium was held successfully on 3rd December 2022 at Fudan University. This was also the annual symposium of the journal Global Public Policy and Governance (GPPG). This symposium was held by Institute of Global Public Policy (IGPP) at Fudan University, LSE-Fudan Research Centre for Global Public Policy, and the editorial office of GPPG. More than 20 scholars from universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Tongji University participated in the symposium.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Yijia Jing, Dean of IGPP and editor-in-chief of GPPG, gave an opening speech. He warmly welcomed all participants, pointed out the significance of this symposium in promoting academic collaboration among scholars in the community by exploring cutting-edge globalization topics. In addition, Professor Yijia Jing mentioned that since its first launch, GPPG has published 7 volumes, and successfully made its way into SCOPUS database in the summer of 2022. Finally, Professor Yijia Jing reflected on the themes and development processes of GPPG, and encouraged all participants to engage more into the research on global public policy and governance.

Next, Claudia Avellaneda, editor-in-chief of Local Government Studies (LGS), gave a speech on the selection criteria and process of international prestigious journals and answered questions from audiences. Following, Guoping Yan, editor-in-chief of Governance Study (《治理研究》) delivered a keynote speech on “Telling the Chinese Story through Academic Research”, offering insightful suggestions on journal development, paper selection etc. Editor Yan encouraged young scholars to actively submit papers to journals in their interested fields. Later, Ms. Han Jia, the Senior Publisher of Journals, Greater China of Springer Nature Group in humanity and social science, introduced GPPG’s development and shared first-hand information on global journalism development. Professor Huanjing Wang from Dalian University of Technology gave a keynote speech, sharing his experience in career development.

After the opening ceremony, five panels were held. Participants delivered presentations on their research papers, sharing thoughts and discussions on public administration, management and policy topics such as coproduction of public services, NPO development, and public service procurement. The symposium was concluded after the chairs of five panels made summaries.