Organizational Structure

The daily management of the Fudan-Arab Research Centre is based on the Fudan Institute for Global Public Policy. On October 28, 2023, during the inaugural China-Arab Forum on Global Development and Governance, representatives from the center's working team participated in the unveiling ceremony. The representatives included Professor Walid Salameh, Senior Advisor of the AARU; Ms. Lina Bitar, Head of the General Office of the AARU; Professor Xizhe Peng, Senior Professor of Humanities at Fudan University and Chairman of the Academic Committee of the Institute for Global Public Policy; Professor Zhiqiang Wang of the Law School; Professor Nan Chi , Dean of the School of Information Science and Technology; Director Kui Su of the International Students Office; Deputy Director Yefang Xu of the Office of Global Partnerships; and Professor Yijia Jing, the Dean of the Institute for Global Public Policy. The core members of the center also include Professor Dean Jianbo Luo of the International Cultural Exchange School, Professor Li Chen of the Law School, Researcher Yi Zhang of Fudan Development Institute, Professor Yutao Wang of the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, and faculty members of the Institute for Global Public Policy.