About us

The Fudan Institute for Global Public Policy highlights Fudan University’s new initiative to innovate research and education in social sciences and particularly in public policy. In partnership with the newly established LSE-Fudan Research Centre for Global Public Policy, the Institute aims to advance research on global public policy, to produce world-class research outputs, and to generate global academic and social impacts, in response to unprecedented global policy and governance challenges that call for designed and coordinated human actions. Both the Institute and the Centre are a platform for policy studies driven by a genuine global and multidisciplinary perspective.

The Institute establishes a series of graduate degree programs in multiple policy and governance areas including global economy, social policy, public administration and policy, environment, health, international development, and science and technology. These highly international degree programs admit both Chinese and international students and endeavor to educate the future generations of researchers and practitioners of global public policy and governance for both China and the world.