We are recruiting both PhDs and established faculty in multiple areas related to global public policy and governance, including but not limited to international development, health policy, public administration and policy theory, Chinese/comparative public administration, social policy and nonprofit organization management, innovation and technology policy, big data and information management, and urban governance. Candidates with educational background in different parts of the world are welcome.

The following positions are available:

  • Full Professor: candidates are expected to be senior scholars who hold a Full Professor or Associate Professor position, with a well-established publication record and evidence of conducting leading-edge research.

  • Associate Professor: candidates are expected to be mid-career scholars who hold an Associate Professor or Assistant Professor position, with a solid publication record and visible academic achievements.

  • Assistant Professor: candidates are expected to be PhDs who have demonstrated great academic potentials.

All appointments will be provided with competitive pay and access to seed research funds, in line with Fudan University policies.

Please send the following application materials in a compressed file to igpp@fudan.edu.cn.

  • personal statement (written in Chinese if applicants are Chinese citizens; about 1500 words in length)

  • CV (written in both Chinese and English if applicants are Chinese citizens)

  • proofs of current and previous academic appointments (full-time appointments only)

  • copies of diplomas (degrees conferred by universities outside China need to be certificated by the Ministry of Education of China; PhD candidates can use their transcripts as the proof of their ongoing degree program)

  • research statement and proofs (first and last pages of publications, working papers, proofs of research grants, etc.)

  • three letters of reference (directly send to igpp@fudan.edu.cn) 

Our search and review of applications will continue until the positions are filled. We provide travel grants to shortlisted candidates to cover their travel and lodging expenses for on-site interviews in Shanghai.

Enquiries can be sent to: igpp@fudan.edu.cn.