IGPP Held Roundtables between Dean and Students
Time:2023-04-06        Views:300

In early March of 2023, the Institute for Global Public Policy (IGPP) hosted a series of roundtables between Professor Yijia Jing, Dean of IGPP, and students.

On March 6th, Prof. Jing held a meeting with first-year students of the "Global Social Policy" double degree program at the Department of Social Policy of LSE. During the meeting, Prof. Jing provided an overview of current situations in China, Shanghai, and Fudan University, introduced the second-year study plan at Fudan, and answered questions from students regarding scholarship applications, visas, and internships. Dr. Timothy Hildebrandt, associate professor at the LSE Department of Social Policy, attended the meeting. After the meeting, Prof. Jing met Prof. Lucinda Platt, Head of Department of Social Policy and Prof. Leo Cheliotis, the vice head.

On March 10th, Prof. Jing held a meeting at the LSE European Institute with first-year students of the “Global Political Economy” double degree program. Prof. Jing provided a brief analysis of current changes in global political economy as well as the opportunities and challenges facing China. He encouraged students to continue making progress during their two-year program. He also answered questions from students about study, life, and other related issues. Dr. Angelo Martelli from the LSE European Institute participated in this meeting. After the event, Prof. Jing met the head of the European Institute, Prof. Simon Glendinning.

On March 17th, Prof. Jing hosted a roundtable for all students in the double degree programs at IGPP. He first invited students to share their thoughts and ideas freely on various aspects of studying and living at Fudan and IGPP. Prof. Jing addressed, piece by piece, the students’ concerns on course arrangements, student support, employment opportunities, and program management. He also proposed quite a few solutions and adjustments in response to students’ voices.

The roundtables have effectively enhanced communication between the students and IGPP. The insights gained from these roundtables will further improve program management and student support of IGPP.