【Admission】“Global Public Policy” International Summer School
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“Global Public Policy” International Summer School

LSE-Fudan Research Centre for Global Public Policy

Institute for Global Public Policy, Fudan University


Join us this summer in Shanghai!

This year, LSE-Fudan Research Centre for Global Public Policy (LSE Centre hereafter) and the Institute for Global Public Policy (IGPP hereafter) offer the first summer school with a theme of global public policy. Our summer school program is designed for international and Chinese students who are interested in global public policy and China’s emerging role in globalization. Students will attend lectures delivered by globally-renowned scholars from LSE, connect with students from all over the world, and immerse themselves in the unique Shanghai culture.

Program Highlights

  • Two courses taught by world-renowned professors from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

  • A unique opportunity to study at one of China's top universities and learn about globalization, global governance and public policy

  • An international classroom experience, with students from different countries and backgrounds

  • An opportunity to explore Shanghai, China’s center of commerce, finance and innovation

Course Schedule

This year, we are delighted to offer TWO intensive and intellectually-stimulating summer courses covering two key areas of global public policy. Both courses are taught by world-renowned professors from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Course A “Chinese Media, Global Contexts: Convergence and Conflicts”, delivered by Prof. Bingchun Meng, focuses on the transformation of China’s media and communication industries in the context of digitization, globalization and rising geopolitical tensions. Ms. Ting Wang, a PhD candidate of the School of Journalism who specializes in media study, is the tutor of this course.

Course B “International Development and China”, delivered by Prof. Alvaro Mendez and Prof. Chris Alden, focuses on China’s Belt Road Initiative which exerts paramount influences on global development. Dr. Yunxiong Li, an assistant professor of IGPP and an expert in international development study, is the tutor of this course.

Each course lasts for two weeks: Monday July 03 2023-Friday July 14 2023. Course A is offered in the morning (9:00-12:00) and course B is offered in the afternoon (14:00-17:00). Each class consists of a two-hour lecture delivered by the course instructor and a one-hour tutorial session moderated by the tutor.

Course information

Course A: Chinese Media, Global Contexts: Convergence and Conflicts

Teaching schedule: Taught on-campus 9:00-12:00 from Monday to Friday, July 03 to July 14 2023

Instructor:Professor Bingchun Meng

Department of Media and Communications of LSE

Bingchun Meng is a Professor in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE , where she also co-directs the LSE-Fudan Global Public Policy Research Centre. Professor Meng is currently the Director of LSE PhD Academy and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP). Her research interests include gender and the media, political economy of media industries, communication governance, and comparative media studies. Her book The Politics of Chinese Media: Consensus and Contestation was published by Palgrave in early 2018. She is currently working on another monograph under contract with Columbia University Press about AI industries in China. 

Tutor: Ms. Ting Wang,

PhD candidate of the School of Journalism, Fudan University 

Ting Wang is a PhD candidate of the School of Journalism, Fudan University. In 2021-2022, she was a visiting scholar in the Department of Anthropology at Harvard University. She specializes in the ethnographic study of communication. Her research interests are media, music, communication, ethnicity, ritual, religion, and ideology. Her publication has appeared on Journalism & Communication, Chinese Communication Review, etc.


Chinese media and communication industries have been undergoing profound changes in the last few decades. Chinese government prioritizes the communication industry as a key sector driving the economic growth. This course provides critical analysis of the key aspects of the transformation, focusing on the political economy of media and communication industries as well as the mediated politics underpinning stories and texts. It will unpack the operation of media and communication industries at the intersection of politics, business and culture. It will also explore the tensions and conflicts around meanings and narratives at the conjuncture of China’s economic growth, social stratification and geopolitical repositioning.

Expected goals and achievements:

By the end of the course, students shall be able to demonstrate understanding of the key issues below, as well as developing the analytical perspectives and building in-depth empirical knowledge to formulate independent and coherent views on the relevant debate around these issues.

• What are the contemporary features of the organization and operation of media production and distribution?

• How do the institutional relations and political economic contexts shape the production of media content?

• What are the key tensions around the political, the commercial and the cultural aspects of media and communication products?

• What is the structural transformation that media and communication industries in China have been going through and how that is related to the broader political economy and social transformation?


In-class participation; final exam.

Course B: International Development and China

Teaching schedule: Taught on-campus 14:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday, July 03 to July 14 2023

Instructor: Professor Alvaro Mendez,

Director of the LSE Global South Unit and Academic Director, LSE IDEAS  

Professor Alvaro Mendez is a Senior Research Fellow and Director of the LSE Global South Unit. He is a Senior Associate Fellow and the Academic Director of short programmes at LSE IDEAS. He is an Adjunct Professor and Foreign Expert at the Institute for Global Public Policy (IGPP) at Fudan University. He is also a Research Associate at the University of Bristol, and a former editor of Millennium-Journal of International Studies at the LSE. He currently lectures at the LSE on two courses – China and the Global South and Foreign Policy Analysis. The Department of International Relations at LSE awarded him its 2003-2004 Teaching Prize. His most recent publications include New Development Assistance: Emerging Economies and the New Landscape of Development Assistance (Palgrave, 2020); The Political Economy of China-Latin America Relations: The AIIB Membership (Palgrave, 2020); and China and Latin America: Development, Agency and Geopolitics (Bloomsbury, 2023).

Instructor: Professor Chris Alden,

Professor of International Relations, Director of LSE IDEAS

Professor Chris Alden teaches International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and is Director of LSE IDEAS. He is a Research Associate with South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA). He is author/co-author of numerous books, including China in Africa (Zed 2007), Land, Liberation and Compromise in Southern Africa (Palgrave/Macmillan 2009), The South and World Politics (Palgrave 2010), Foreign Policy Analysis – New Approaches 2nd edition (Routledge 2017) as well as having written numerous articles in internationally recognized journals. Prof. Alden will deliver two lectures online.

Tutor:Dr. Yunxiong Li,

Assistant Professor of IGPP

Yunxiong Li is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Global Public Policy, Fudan University. He earned a PhD in Economic Geography from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2021. His research interests include foreign direct investment, international development, natural resource management and technological innovation. His work has been published in the journals such as Geographical Science, Urban Development Research, and Singapore Economic Review. He is the winner of the 2022 Best Dissertation Award of the Academy of International Business, UK.


This course focuses on China’s Belt Road Initiative (BRI) and how China is leveraging its preponderance of material power in pursuit of global leadership through the implementation of ‘development as grand strategy’ that places special focus on developing regions. China's economic position, coupled to an astute use of finances flowing from its neo-mercantilist policies, has enabled it to become the leading trading partner and a significant investor in the developing world (or Global South). Moreover, through the onset of the BRI, the Global South is increasingly figuring in China's expanding security interests and soft power provisions. Understanding how dynamics in this relationship are impacting upon a host of global and contemporary issues (BRICs, multilateralism, peacekeeping, the environment) is crucial to the shape of the 21st century.

Expected goals and achievements:

• Demonstrate understanding of why and how China initiates its international development (like the Belt Road Initiative) in pursuit of global leadership.

• Understand the benefits and challenges during China’s international development.

• Identify how China’s international development influences other countries on a number of global issues, such as environment and peacekeeping.

• Explore what roles agencies, from policy elites to local communities, may play during China’s international development and consider how they contribute to a better development.

• Analyze China’s international development with empirical cases.


In-class participation; quiz/coursework; final exam.

Summer in Shanghai

Summertime in Shanghai fills with vitality, innovation, and diversity. You will have a unique opportunity to explore a multicultural and vibrant city, engage in a wide range of activities, and experience a new culture.

  • Culture: Shanghai is a multicultural city with a rich history and a unique blend of Eastern and Western influences. You have the opportunity to immerse yourselves in the local culture, visit historic landmarks, and experience the vibrant nightlife.

  • Globalization: Shanghai is one of the world's leading centers of commerce, finance, and innovation. It is a great chance for you to experience China's rapid economic growth and its role in the global economy.

  • Accessibility: Shanghai is a major transportation hub with convenient connections to major cities in China and around the world. You can easily travel to and from the summer school program.

  • Food: Shanghai is known for its delicious and diverse cuisine. You have the opportunity to sample a variety of dishes and explore local food markets and restaurants.

  • Entertainment: Shanghai offers a wide range of entertainment options, including live music, theater, art exhibitions, and sporting events. You have the opportunity to attend concerts, shows, and cultural events, and to explore the city's many parks and attractions.

Learning in Fudan University

Our summer school is held on the Fudan main campus (220 Handan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai). Learning in Fudan University offers you a unique opportunity to study in a world-class academic institution, engage in cutting-edge research, and benefit from a multicultural and intellectually stimulating environment.

  • Academic Excellence: Fudan University is one of China's most prestigious and internationally recognized universities, with a strong reputation for academic excellence in a wide range of disciplines. You will benefit from studying in an intellectually stimulating environment and receiving high-quality instruction from world-renowned scholars and experts.

  • Multicultural Environment: Fudan University has a diverse student body, with students from all over the world studying in its various programs. You will have the opportunity to interact with peers from different cultural backgrounds and broaden their perspectives on global issues.

Learning with IGPP and LSE Centre

  • The Institute for Global Public Policy highlights Fudan University’s new initiative to innovate research and education in social sciences and particularly in public policy. In partnership with the LSE-Fudan Research Centre for Global Public Policy, the Institute aims to advance research on global public policy, to produce world-class research outputs, and to generate global academic and social impacts, in response to unprecedented global policy and governance challenges that call for designed and coordinated human actions. Both the Institute and the Centre are a platform for policy studies driven by a genuine global and multidisciplinary perspective.

  • The Institute has and will establish a series of graduate degree programs in multiple policy and governance areas including global economy, social policy, public administration and policy, environment, health, international development, and science and technology. These highly international degree programs admit both Chinese and international students and endeavor to educate the future generations of researchers and practitioners of global public policy and governance for both China and the world.

Applicant eligibility

The summer school is designed mainly for undergraduate students who are interested in global governance, global public policy and China’s role in globalization. We also admit limited number of graduate students and young professionals.

Both international and Chinese students can apply. Applicants should have a good command of English.

The maximum student number is 40 and will be on first come first serve basis.

Application materials

  • Passport Photocopy (Personal Information Page).

  • Personal Photo.

  • Undergraduate Transcript.

  • Students from non-English teaching schools shall provide proof of proficiency in English, such as scores of TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, or CET 4 and CET 6.

Application period

From April 12 to June 10, 2023.

* Admission result (acceptance, waiting list, or rejection) is usually delivered to the applicant 15-20 days after the submission of applications.

* It could take one month or more for international students to get the visa to China. Please leave enough time for visa application and apply as early as possible.

Application process

International students please log in to http://admission.iso.fudan.edu.cn/ to find our program and apply. (Program Code: 210243)

Fill out your information as required and upload your photo, passport copy, your academic transcript and proof of English proficiency.

Application fee: 400 RMB

* We are working on the procedures so Chinese students may apply. For Chinese students who may be interested to apply, please email us at igppadmin@fudan.edu.cn for updated information.




Register for one course

15000 RMB

Register for two courses

20000 RMB

Tuition should be paid within 10 days after you receive the admission result. The payment link will be sent with the admission result by email.

Refund policy

If you withdraw before May 15, you can apply for a refund of 50% tuition,

If you withdraw from May 16 to June 9, you can apply for a refund of 25% tuition,

If you withdraw after June 10, you cannot apply for a refund.

Please note that the application fee will not be refunded.

Registration time and course period

Registration Time: July 1, 2023

Course Period: July 3 to July 14, 2023

Final Examination: July 15, 2023

Closing and Certificate Award Ceremony: July 17, 2023

Study certificate and transcript

Students, after finishing the study in the summer school with a satisfactory academic record, will receive a study certificate from the IGPP and the LSE Centre. They will also receive an official transcript for their coursework.


Application Period: May 1 to June 15, 2023

Admitted students will receive admission result by email. And the Fudan International office will send your admission notice, your visa application form (JW202 Form) to you via post. You can use them to apply for an X2 visa at the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country. Before applying for a visa, please ensure that your tuition fee has been paid. It is compulsory that you hold an X2 visa to enter China before June 29.

X2 visa application details can be found on the website:



In order to assure the safety of your stay here, and according to the regulations issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education, short-term international students are required to purchase Foreign Students Overall Insurance. If you have already purchased a similar insurance, you are not required to purchase again. The insurance fee for short-term students is as follows:

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 - 6 months

RMB 160

RMB 240

RMB 320

RMB 400

Further information on insurance can be found on the website:



Our summer school will not provide accommodation, you need to book and arrange your hotel by yourself. Below are some hotels which provide accommodation to international students and located around Fudan Handan campus for your reference:

Hotel name

Hotel address

Price (CNY)

Contact information

Qingyun Hotel



On Campus

No. 220 Handan Road, Yangpu District.


¥358 per day (2 Twin Beds or 1 King Bed)


Shanghai Sheyi Serviced Apartment


No. 2602 Songhuajiang Road, Hongkou District


¥195 per day (1 King Bed)

¥228 per day (2 Twin Beds)

021-55881777 or 17269761646

Ramada Hotel Shanghai Wujiaochang


NO. 1888 Huangxing Road, Yangpu District


¥359-¥429 per day (2 Twin Beds or 1 King Bed)



Vienna Hotel


No. 486 Guohe Road, Yangpu District


¥330-¥360 per day (2 Twin Beds or 1 King Bed)



Fuxuan Hotel


No. 400 Guoding Road, Yangpu District


¥460 per day (2 Twin Beds or 1 King Bed)


Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan


No. 199 Handan Road, Yangpu District


¥750-¥900 per day (2 Twin Beds or 1 King Bed)


* Besides hotel rent, the living cost is about 500-900 RMB per week.

The above hotel information is only provided for your reference, and the prices will be subject to change. You can check Apps like Ctrip (https://www.ctrip.com/), Qunar (https://www.qunar.com/) for more details.

Contact us

IGPP Administrative Office: Room 801A, West Sub-Building of Guanghua Towers, Fudan University.

Courses: Dr. Chenyang He

Telephone: +86(021) 65796406

Email: chenyang_he@fudan.edu.cn

Application and Registration: Ms. Man Xu

Telephone: +86 (021) 65642019

Email: igppadmin@fudan.edu.cn