Risk Management in East Asia: Systems and Frontier Issues

This book is a joint endeavour of the three partner universities of CAMPUS Asia Program (Risk Management Experts in East Asia) to develop a book with in-depth and state-of-art analysis of risk management in East Asia. As a disaster-prone region, East Asia emphasizes building preparedness and resilience for natural disasters and human-induced hazards and emergencies.

The Political Economy of China–Latin America Relations: The AIIB Membership

The book explores the ways in which Latin American states are capitalizing or failing to capitalize on the initiatives of China in world affairs. The volume includes multiple case studies from eight Latin American countries and discusses the AIIB’s initiatives and policies. The book will interest scholars, researchers, policy-makers, foreign policy analysts, and graduate students in Latin American and Asian politics as well as development studies and political economy.

International Development Assistance and the BRICS

This book aims to bring together a series of analyses on international development assistance in the BRICS, the group of countries that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. This book, an anthology of scholars based in BRICS countries, provides invaluable insights into the emerging global south coalition, and will be of interest to scholars, employees of NGOs, and China watchers.

New Development Assistance

This book explores the changing face of development assistance. China's One Belt, One Road development program is the largest international investment scheme in history, surpassing the Marshall Plan by an order of magnitude. In 2017, a group of top scholars from Fudan, the London School of Economics, and other institutions like the Institute of Development Studies, Australian National University, and World Bank gathered to share findings and ideas about the nature of New Development Assistance.