The Master in Global Public Policy (MGPP) is a two-year, full-time, English-taught program that trains students on the theoretical and applied dimensions of global policy analysis, implementation and evaluation. Students who fulfill the graduation and degree requirements will be awarded the Master of Management Science in Public Policy from Fudan University.

The MGPP program equips students with global vision, in-depth knowledge and professional skills in addressing real-world public policy challenges. The program prepares students to become essential researchers, policy analysts and leaders in global public/private sectors and international organizations.


  • Multinational teamMGPP faculty consists of highly accomplished and experienced scholars from top international universities and senior officials from international organizations.

  • Interdisciplinary curriculum. The course design of MGPP integrates knowledge of different related disciplines (management, economics, political science and/or law) and advanced quantitative methods.

  • Small group teaching. The high faculty-to-student ratio of MGPP creates a positive environment for students to have a customized learning experience and one-on-one instruction.  

  • Research support. MGPP provides the student with ample opportunities to join the academic team led by world-class scholars in public policy and publish high-quality research papers.


Upon successful completion of the program, graduates should be able to:

  • acquire multidisciplinary knowledge and cutting-edge quantitative methods necessary to understand and analyze the key policy challenges.

  • gain  a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of key global governance issues and new frontiers. 

  • undertake independent exploration and evaluation of complex real-world problems and create solutions.

  • enhance personal skills including but not limited to critical thinking, data analysis and cross-cultural communication.


The four core courses of the MGPP Program focus on the cross-disciplinary fundamentals of policy analysis.

Core courses (12 credits)

  • Global Public Policy (3 credits)

  • Practical Research Methods in Public Policy (3 credits)

  • Institutions and Public Policy (3 credits)

  • Public Economics (3 credits)

Elective courses (10 credits)

The elective modules provide you with the opportunity to explore your field of interest in greater depth. You can choose from the following five options:

  • Political Economy

  • Health & Social Policy

  • China Study

  • International Development

  • Public Governance

Basic courses (7 credits)

  • Chinese Government and Governance (3 credits)

(For international students and students from Chinese Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan)

  • Chinese Political Theories (3 credits)

(For students from the Chinese mainland)

  • Language Courses (4 credits)

Academic activities and social practices (4 credits)

  • Attending five academic lectures or giving one formal presentation at a national or international conference.

  • Being a conference volunteer, a research assistant, or an administrative assistant.

To graduate with a master degree, you must

  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5 for all courses.

  • Take full course load including core courses, elective courses, basic courses and academic activities and social practices.

  • Write a master thesis (20,000 words in minimum, including an English and a Chinese abstract) and pass the thesis defense.

  • Accomplish the program in 2-5 years.


Students from Chinese mainland

  • September 2023: Application submission to Fudan University

  • October 2023: Admission results released

Students from Chinese Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan

International Students*

  • Phase One: From December 5, 2023 to January 31, 2024 (scholarship application shall be submitted by January 31, 2024).

  • Phase Two: From February 15, 2024 to May 15, 2024 (only for self-funded application).

  • Admission decision (acceptance, waiting list, or rejection) is usually delivered to the applicant 1-2 months after the submission of applications.

  • August 2024: Visa application

*Application materials for international students

1)Valid Regular Passport Photocopy (Personal Information Page)

2)Personal Photo 

3)Bachelor Diploma & Degree Certificate

4)Undergraduate Transcript

5)Two Academic References


7)Personal Statement (ideally 1000 words)

8)Proof of Financial Capacity

9)Proof of English Language Proficiency (minimum requirements: IELTS: Overall band 6.5 or TOEFL: 90)

10)Foreigner Physical Examination Form (compulsory for applicants who apply for scholarships)

11)Proof of No Criminal Record in Chinese or English


Tuition for international students

100,000 RMB/year


International students are eligible to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship and Shanghai Government Scholarship to cover their tuition and living expenses in China. Please see details below:  

1) Scholarships offered via Fudan University:

  • Chinese University Program: students can visit the CSC website and complete the online application in due time.

  • Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Program: students can check the general information of the Scholarship Program and complete the online application in due time.

  • Shanghai Government Scholarship: students can visit the SGS website and complete the online application in due time.

2) Scholarships offered by other dispatching authorities:

  • Chinese Government Scholarship (Bilateral Program): students can visit the CSC website and contact the local Chinese Embassy, Consulate or other dispatching authorities for more details.


Fudan University offers limited on-campus accommodation for international students in the Foreign Students Dormitory at the Handan campus, where the IGPP is located.

For more information, please visit the International Students Office Website. IGPP will provide helpful tips and accommodation information for enrolled international students who prepare to live off-campus.


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