International students will submit their applications to LSE Online Application System from October to Spring of next year (please refer to LSE website for detailed information). Admission decisions will jointly be made by LSE and Fudan. For international students admitted to LSE, during the second semester of first-year study, they should submit their applications to Fudan Online Application System. International students will receive Admission Notices from Fudan in July.

LSE website:

LSE Online Application System:

Fudan Online Application System for International Students:

Procedure of Online Application to Fudan

April: International students must submit online applications to Fudan Online Application System in April of the first year study at LSE. Application materials include:

(1) Valid Regular Passport Photocopy (Personal Information Page)

(2) Highest Diploma & Degree Certificate

(3) Transcript

(4) Recommendation Letters

(5) LSE Offer Letter

June/July: Students will receive an admission package which contains following materials:

(1) Admission Notice

(2) Visa Application for Study in China (JW202 Form)

(3) Handbook of Visa & Accommodation for New International Students of Fudan University

(4) Guidelines of Residence Permit Application

(5) Visa Q&A

Note: Detailed application instructions will be provided by IGPP in March.

Last updated on Sep 30, 2021.