Students participating in the International Summer School will have the opportunity to fully explore and enjoy the abundant academic resources of Fudan University.

Fudan Institute for Global Public Policy

The Institute for Global Public Policy (IGPP) is a school dedicated to global public policy research and degree education. It currently has 15 faculty members, including one Changjiang Distinguished Professor, one National Outstanding Youth, five Fudan Chair Professors, and one Foreign Expert of the Ministry of S&T of China. IGPP hosts LSE-Fudan “Global Political Economy” double master's degree program, LSE-Fudan “Global Social Policy” double master's degree program, “Global Public Policy” master's degree program and “Global Public Policy” PhD degree program. Through international cooperation, exchange, and interdisciplinary research, IGPP strives to become a world-renowned public policy school based in Shanghai with a global perspective, cultivating young talents with global governance capabilities, qualities, and aspirations for China and the world, and enhancing China's academic research and policy consulting capabilities in participating in global governance. For more information, please click [here].

LSE-Fudan Double Master's Degree Programs

IGPP, in collaboration with the European Institute and the Department of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), offers English-taught double master's degree programs in “Global Political Economy” and “Global Social Policy” for both Chinese and international students. The programs aim to fully utilize the world-class research and teaching resources of both Fudan and LSE, emphasizing interdisciplinary course offerings and featuring top experts from relevant fields at both institutions. These high-level, international, and multidisciplinary educational and training programs aim to cultivate professionals with a global perspective. Visit the official website for the “Global Political Economy” program and the “Global Social Policy” program for more information.

“Global Public Policy” Master's and PhD Degree Programs

IGPP offers English-taught “Global Public Policy” Master and PhD degree programs for both Chinese and international students. The programs aim to cultivate high-level talents for local, national, regional, and global governance in China and worldwide. Students will gain a deep understanding of cutting-edge topics in global governance while enhancing their critical thinking, data analysis, and cross-cultural communication skills. Visit the official website for the “Global Public Policy” Master's Degree Program and the “Global Public Policy” PhD Degree Program for more information.

“Global Public Policy and Governance” Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Program

IGPP, School of International Cultural Exchange, and LSE-Fudan Research Centre for Global Public Policy jointly launched the undergraduate interdisciplinary program. Leveraging Fudan University’s strengths in global public policy and cross-cultural exchange research and its strategic partnership with LSE, the program offers interdisciplinary, cutting-edge, and international course series focused on global public affairs and governance for Fudan undergraduate students. By completing this program, students will gain a preliminary understanding of the concepts and theories, developments and frontiers, methods and case studies in global public policy and governance, laying the foundation for further study or engagement in related practices and internships. For more information, please click [here].

LSE-Fudan Research Centre for Global Public Policy and LSE-Fudan Global Public Policy Hub

The LSE-Fudan Research Centre for Global Public Policy was jointly established by Fudan University and the London School of Economics and Political Science. It integrates the strong foundations of Fudan and LSE in multiple social sciences and policy research fields, fostering innovative research and educational cooperation. Both parties have also jointly established a hub at LSE. Visit the official websites of LSE-Fudan Research Centre for Global Public Policy and LSE-Fudan Global Public Policy Hub for more information.

Fudan-Arab Research Centre for Global Development and Governance

The Fudan-Arab Research Center for Global Development and Governance was jointly established by Fudan University and the Association of Arab Universities (AArU). It serves as a platform for knowledge creation, sharing, and dissemination between China and the Arab world, promoting joint research and academic activities in a range of global public affairs fields. For more information, please click [here].

China-Arab Network of Schools of Public Policy and Administration (CANSPPA)

The China-Arab Network of Schools of Public Policy and Management (CANSPPA) is a non-profit academic network initiated by IGPP, with the support of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States and the Association of Arab Universities (AArU). Sponsoring member institutions include the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at United Arab Emirates (UAE) University, the College of Economics, Administration, and Public Policy at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the American University in Cairo, the Prince Abdullah II School of International Studies at the University of Jordan, and the Middle East and North Africa Public Administration Research Network from the Arab side; and the School of Government at Peking University, the School of Public Administration and Policy at Dalian University of Technology, the IGPP at Fudan University, the School of Government at Nanjing University, the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua University, the Department of Public and International Affairs at City University of Hong Kong, and the School of Government at Sun Yat-sen University from the Chinese side. IGPP serves as the leading Chinese institution in the 'China-Arab 10+10 Cooperation Plan' in the field of public policy. For more information, please click [here].

Academic Conferences

IGPP regularly organizes academic forums, conferences and seminars, such as the LSE-Fudan Annual Conference, the China-Arab Forum on Global Development and Governance, and the Research Workshop on China and South-South Cooperation, offering unparalleled opportunities for engagement, interaction, and collaboration among scholars, intellectuals, and professionals worldwide. IGPP is also the initiator of several annual forums, including the International Symposium on Development and Governance in the BRICS and the China-India Forum on Development and Governance.

Fudan-LSE Lecture Series

The Fudan-LSE Lecture Series invites scholars, experts, and decision-makers from top universities, research institutions, international organizations, public sectors, and non-profit organizations around the world to share the latest theoretical advancements, research trends, industry developments, and cultural insights. For more information, please click [here].

Fudan-Arab Lecture Series

The Fudan-Arab Lecture Series, focusing on China, Arab countries, and Sino-Arab relations from a global governance perspective, invites scholars, experts, and leaders from various regions, sectors, and institutions worldwide. Discussions revolve around topics such as sustainable development, environmental and climate governance, economic and energy transformation, food and resource security, technological innovation and health, and cultural and public governance systems. For more information, please click [here].

Young Scholar Workshop

The Young Scholar Workshop invites outstanding young scholars from around the world to share their latest research progress and achievements, fostering an environment of mutual learning and improvement to enhance their academic expertise. For more information, please click [here].

“Global Public Policy and Governance” International Journal

The Global Public Policy and Governance (GPPG) is an academic quarterly published by Springer Nature, dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary research that reflects on how increasing global interdependence has shaped public policy and governance in its values, structures, dynamics, and consequences, and vice versa. GPPG welcomes empirical research, case studies, and theoretical explorations with global or comparative perspectives related to organizations, administration, management, and policy. GPPG was included in the Scopus database in 2022, and was also listed in Chinese Social Science Journal AMI Comprehensive Evaluation Periodical Library (中国人文社会科学期刊AMI 综合评价期刊库). According to the CiteScore published by Elsevier in 2023, GPPG ranks 270th out of 652 journals in political science and international relations, placing it in the top 42% (Q2 quartile), and 130th among 213 public administration journals. Visit the official website for GPPG.

“Governing China in the 21st Century” English Book Series

Governing China in the 21st Century aims to explore domestic and international issues affecting governance in 21st Century China. China is at a critical point in its national growth and facing immense challenges as well as opportunities. The course of its future development will be determined by its capacity to deal with these issues at local and international levels, and to build a sustainable path of development. This series has an inherently interdisciplinary focus looking at issues such as local governance, public policy and administration, social, urban, and nonprofit development, environmental politics, regional diplomacy and international affairs. Visit the official website for the book series.

“Perspectives” Video Series

Perspectives is a series of brief academic lectures sponsored by IGPP. The series invites scholars and practitioners to share their research, academic thoughts, frontier practices, and theoretical innovations on important global issues and policies, providing a fast track for the general public to understand today’s complex public governance. The videos are mainly from the recorded lectures by invited speakers. Some are edited from lectures hosted by the IGPP or from lectures delivered by IGPP professors in academic conferences. By sharing the Perspectives videos, IGPP exhibits its rich academic and research activities, and provides a high-quality platform for the publication and dissemination of frontier theoretical and practical innovations. For more information, please click [here].

Penn-Fudan Virtual Series

The Penn-Fudan Virtual Series on Global Issues and Governance is jointly sponsored by IGPP and the Penn Wharton China Centre (PWCC) at University of Pennsylvania. Bringing together solid academic foundations and cutting-edge studies of the two top universities in social science, public policy, and global governance, the series invites outstanding scholars and practitioners from China, the US, and other countries to have candid and in-depth dialogues on important issues such as global health, climate change and sustainable development, urbanization, population and migration, poverty alleviation, technology innovation and management, and economic and trade cooperation. The series aims to build a platform for knowledge creation, exchange, and sharing, and to strengthen friendship and intellectual collaboration between China and the US and around the world.  For more information, please click [here].

International Exchange Opportunities

IGPP offers diverse and enriching academic exchange opportunities for both domestic and international students. Students will have the chance to participate in various forms of outbound learning and exchange experiences. Moreover, IGPP has received support from the China Scholarship Council for scholarship programs such as the “International Organization Reserve Talents Training Projects,” the “Chinese Government Scholarship for Outstanding International Students in China,” and the “Innovative Talent International Cooperation Training Program.” These scholarships fund current students to study at LSE and universities in Arab and BRICS countries. Additionally, they provide financial support for professionals from the Arab League Secretariat and other Arab public sectors to study at Fudan University.IGPP and LSE jointly promote their Summer Schools. Find the official website of LSE Summer School.